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Kuthuhalamma denies differences with Kiran Kumar Reddy

September 16, 2011, Chittoor

Gangadhara Nellore MLA Kuthuhalamma Gummadi will continue with Congress. She denies reports of differences with Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy

Gangadhara Nellore MLA Kuthuhalamma Gummadi has confirmed her loyalties to the Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy. Kuthuhalamma, who has publicly criticized Kiran Kumar till recently, is seemed to be satisfied with the Rs. 2.5 crore worth of development works initiated by the Government in her constituency and also the formation of two market committees.

Kuthuhalamma is a political rival to Kiran Kumar Reddy since 1999, though both of them are in the same Congress party. Things changed when there were rumors that Kiran Kumar Reddy would be made the next Chief Minister. She is the one who congratulated Kiran Kumar before everyone else. However, she was left disappointed when she was not inducted into the Kiran Kumar Reddy's cabinet. There were instances when she left to New Delhi to explain her frustration to AICC president Sonia Gandhi. Things cooled off when the Chief Minister initiated the development works she has been demanding in her constituency. There were rumors that Government also approved the names of those suggested by Kuthuhalamma for the market committees.

She attended the meeting convened by district incharge minister Raghuveera Reddy at the Tirupati Padmavati guest house today. Kuthuhalamma also spoke to CM's brother Nallari Kishore Kumar Reddy for a while. Speaking to reporters later, Kuthuhalamma denied that there were differences between her and Kiran Kumar. She said it is common to have clashes between members of a family, but that does not mean that she will leave the Congress party. She also confirmed that she would stay with Congress till her last breath. Jagan group MLC Desai Tippareddy and former MLA Nelavala Subramanyam also met Raghuveera Reddy.


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