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February 5, 2006: Tirumala Temple to be purified
Purification ceremony will be conducted once in 12 years

February 9, 2006: Tirumala Darshan ticket racket busted
Vigilance officials comes to alert

February 9, 2006: Golden pot donated to Lord Venkateswara
Devotee gifts Golden pot to Lord Venkateswara

February 10, 2006: Pilgrims protest against denial of Darshan
Devotees with VIP recommendation letters stages protest

February 12, 2006: Pilgrims fined for assaulting security personnel
Fine of Rs. 1000 imposed

February 13, 2006: Wedding of Lord Venkateswara at Secunderabad
Parade Grounds chosen as the venue

February 19, 2006: Colorful start to temple ritual
Brahmotsavam at Kapileswara shrin begins

February 19, 2006: Red sanders seized
Forest Department recovers 105 logs of Red Sanders

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